What is a Home Inspection?

Purchasing a new home also means buying that home’s problems. With a home inspection, you can see exactly what you’re buying. Problems discovered during the inspection could allow you to renegotiate to offset the costs of repairs — potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Why Do You Need A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is still incredibly helpful because we are trained to notice things that most people simply are not aware of. As your inspector, I bring the necessary training and expertise to assess any problems I encounter. In addition, it’s easy to become attached to a home before you’ve committed to purchasing it. This makes it difficult to see hidden problems. That is why it’s advisable to have an inspector assess the condition of the home.

A home inspection doesn’t just save you money, it also helps to protect your family. Safety issues can arise from dangerous handyman work, outdated electrical systems, lead pipes, and more. We’ll check the home for potential safety issues such as fire hazards, electrical hazards, structural problems, and hazardous materials.

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The Inspection Includes The Following:

Top to bottom — inside and out — and everything in between. We are looking for how the house is performing so you and your realtor know what items need to be addressed. 


Check faucets and showers, looking for visible leaks as well as testing water pressure. Identify the types of pipes used. Identify and inspect the water meter, and main water shutoff valve.


Determine functionality of the heating, air conditioning and ventilation system. Recommend repairs or maintenance.


Test the garage door for proper functionality, check for proper ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, and check for risks of explosion from ignition sources too close to the floor.

Fire Safety

Test smoke detectors and ensure that the garage wall, if present, has the proper fire rating and is undamaged. Also check the fireplace for proper installation and maintenance.


Check all permanent appliances for proper functionality including the dishwasher, oven & cooktop, microwave oven, and food waste disposal. All mechanical exhausts are also inspected including the dryer exhaust — a poorly ventilated dryer exhaust can be a serious fire hazard.


Check for visible roof damage or poor installation that may allow for water penetration. Inspect the condition of the gutters.

Swimming Pools (optional)

Pools are a fun and attractive feature, but they also come with a lot of responsibility. Equipment that is improperly connected can be a serious safety hazard. Improperly used and stored chemicals can become a serious health hazard and can cause potential property damage.

Foundation & Grade

Check for possible foundation failure, indicated by cracks or settling. Check to ensure that the ground slopes away from the house, which prevents water from entering the house or causing damage to the foundation.


If possible, check for structural damage and proper ventilation. Also check insulation and ensure that nothing is ventilated directly into the attic, such as the bathroom.


Check for visible leaks, properly secured toilets, proper ventilation to prevent moisture related issues, and more.

Water Heater

Determine functionality of the water heater and check for proper installation. We can also determine the condition and possibly give an estimated remaining life span of the unit.

Exterior Walls

Check for damaged or missing siding, cracks, and excessive soil contact which can be an invitation for pests.


Identify the type of wiring, test all outlets and make sure there are GFCIs installed where needed to protect from electrical shock. Inspect the electrical panel for safety issues and fire hazards.

Wood Destroying Insects (optional)

From termites, wood-destroying beetles, carpenter ants, and more, we can ensure your investment has been checked for all kinds of WDIs. Termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage each year according to the NPMA — a cost typically not covered by homeowners’ insurance.

Home inspections are non-invasive. This means we will not dismantle components. Why? Taking items apart can potentially damage components, and only qualified and licensed professionals should examine and diagnose systems in deep detail. 



core values



We will not take shortcuts. We will not skip a step because it is difficult. We take our time because you deserve to have your inspection performed correctly.


We take responsibility for our inspections and our word. We understand that our clients should be protected by any issues.


We are committed to our clients. Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions, and we take that very seriously. We want you to feel confident moving forward.

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About Three 17 Inspections’ owner, Aaron Prager

TREC License #: 24240, Sales Agent #734677

Prager Family

Three 17 Inspections is owned and operated by Professional Home Inspector, Aaron Prager. He is licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission, meaning inspections performed by Three 17 Inspections adhere to and exceed TREC standards.

Starting at a very young age, Aaron was always one of those kids with a natural fascination for how things worked and grew up taking apart anything he could. He quickly understood mechanical concepts from construction to automotive mechanics. This served as a solid foundation for understanding not just how things are assembled, but how they work and why they function. 

Aaron is happily married to the love of his life – Julie. Together, they are raising their four amazing children; Jack, Logan, Madeleine, and Abigail. 

As your home inspector, I treat every inspection as if it were my hard-earned money that is being invested and my family that will live beneath that roof. I do not take shortcuts. It is my privilege to provide you with the best service possible and to arm you and your realtor with the information needed about the condition of the property and what items require discussion. In addition, I am available anytime after to answer your questions about your home.”

— Aaron Prager