Information about Coronavirus (Covid-19) Precautions

To Our Valued Customers,

Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), we are taking extra safety precautions to keep us healthy and safe during these challenging times. We take the following precautions:

  • Hand Washing – Wash and sanitized hands before arriving to the home.
  • Booties – Put on booties before entering the home.
  • Mask – Put on safety mask before arriving to the home.
  • Health – Report being free from symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving to the home.
  • Uniform – Ensure uniform is clean and sanitized before arriving to the home.
  • Social Distance – Maintain at least six feet of distance from the occupants of the home.

Our expectation from you, our customer, is that you inform us immediately if someone in your home becomes sick. If you feel you need to cancel your service appointment due to illness, please let us know and rest assured that we will welcome you back when you are ready. During service calls, customers are required to keep a 6-foot distance from technicians and to keep pets away from the working area.